Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ready for the holiday

I know the month's not over, but to me it feels like it is. I'm just glad I got through it, as it was looking pretty awful from the other side.

I had a ton of client stuff to get done, and I did it. To wit:
  • Drafted a lengthy briefing paper on physician leadership, including interviews with several doctors;
  • Created multiple treatments for a print ad;
  • Developed copy for a marketing brochure;
  • Researched and drafted a 1,200-word bylined article;
  • Scripted/edited a four-minute video and made cuts/edits to four others;
  • Traveled twice to Virginia for a new client, conducted a dozen or more employee interviews, drafted, revised and presented a strategy and key messages.
And I edited two thirds of the books' fourth draft. With the remaining days, plus holiday, I plan to get that finished. Along with a ton of errands, appointments and other personal stuff.

I'm feeling very accomplished and looking forward to a day tomorrow with what appears to be no demands from clients or anyone else but myself and, hopefully, a pretty light couple of days before Thanksgiving.

Beer me!

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