Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's get physical

I got a physical today, for the first time in I don't know how long. Fifteen years, at least. Maybe 20. And it's been almost that long since I'd even seen a general practitioner.

I think I shocked the nurse with this news, until it was clear that I'm over at Northwestern several times a year seeing the allergist and the opthamologist and the dermatologist. So that's partly why I haven't gone. Another reason is that evidence shows that physicals don't actually do much to keep you healthy or prevent disease.

Another good reason is they're icky. But this one didn't involve anything particularly invasive, so that was nice.

But mostly it's because I'm just so damned healthy. I have almost none of the major risk factors for premature death. I'm not overweight, I don't smoke. I work out all the time, I eat tons of fruits and vegetables. My blood pressure is low, cholesterol is low (with the good high and the bad low).

I do have a beer or two now and again, but he didn't seem particularly alarmed by that.

I think he was actually a little amused to have me there, since I'm so off-the-charts healthy -- not just for someone my age but for much of the population half my age. I even brought in my bloodwork results from a few years ago from another hospital and he was mostly thinking another round was unnecessary, in the same way my dentist, who is great, whispers to me that if I only wanted to floss a couple of times a week I could get away with it because my teeth are so healthy.

So I gave him one or two things to look at. A weird complaint or two. And we went ahead and did the blood work anyway. Maybe I can beat my scores from last time!

I figure since I have these near-debilitating allergies I deserve to have the rest of my body in good order.

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