Monday, November 08, 2010

I wear eyewear

Last Friday night I wore my old glasses, just for fun and to see what would happen. On one hand, nobody noticed I was wearing the old ones, but then when I pointed them out AND proceeded to put the new ones on, everyone admitted they liked the old ones better.

It replicated some results from an industrial shoot earlier in the week. I showed up in my new glasses, then showed them the older ones, which the stylist immediately chose, saying, "We want you to be 'hip Dad.'"

Part of it's the shape, but mostly it's the color. I liked the new ones because I thought they blended in nicely with my hair, not realizing at the time that you actually want contrast. Duh. So I need black-framed glasses.

Of course now, when you go to they eyewear stores all the frames are BIG. That's the way the kids are wearing them these days.

But you have to be careful in patterning your fashion after ridiculously good looking people. JFK looked glamorous smoking a cigar. Most men with cigars look like a-holes. Good looking dudes are good looking in almost anything.

Also, it's important to note the example of Ryan Howard in The Office. From his bad beard to his dark shirt/tie combos to his most recent cardigan sweaters and nerd glasses, he has always been the embodiment of the office douchebag.
You can find the narrow rectangular ones, but usually only in the discount chains. And besides, the people who still wear those are all ... old. Keith Olberman, Matt Lauer, Sarah Palin. I suppose an argument could made that I am, too.

So age and dignity are definitely a factor. Also fear of re-living my nerdy childhood when the only glasses were thick and black-framed. Not to mention my small face -- it can only credibly handle so much hardware on my face.

I'd say it's no big deal, but it's my FACE.

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