Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The aftermath

I should be more depressed about the elections but, luckily, I've been too busy to dwell and stew too much.

Plus, thanks to the Internet, it wasn't a huge shock like in 1994 (when I actually lost my job as a result -- talk about having a stake). People have been seeing this coming all year.

I go back and forth between being disappointed in Obama (for his politics only, not his policies), mad at the three or four percent of voters from '08 who didn't turn out this time, and whose participation would have made a pretty huge difference. And, of course, there's the stupid voters who did vote, particularly the people the GOP continues to bamboozle into voting against their own interests.

But mostly it's disgust at the Republican smear machine, with their death panels and government takeover and take our country back and all that. But even them I'm not too pissed at. (Or maybe I'm just tired.) I have confidence in their ability to screw this up royally. Because now they have to be part of the solution. And helping fix the country will only help Obama's chances in 2012, so either way -- helping out or continuing to obstruct -- will ultimately benefit the Democrats.

And just this morning I woke up and for a full minute or two I'd completely forgotten what happened last night. Maybe tomorrow it will be five minutes.

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