Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A no and a yes

Today an agent called me with a potential booking for Friday. A weird little thing where I'd be on the local news modeling clothes from a department store. For very low money.

I mean, it would be just a five-minute "shoot," but an hour (on a separate day) for wardrobe fitting and several hours sitting around in makeup and wardrobe on the shoot day, plus getting there and back ... so when you take the low fee, subtract the agent commission, you get down to a pretty low hourly wage.

Plus, I just think it would be odd. The more I do this and the more I plan the other stuff I hope to have coming down the road -- public speaking, workshops, etc. -- the more protective I'm being about the kinds of projects I do.

Then an hour later another agent called with another job that will take less than half the time but pay twice as much. Which I took. And which I couldn't have done if I'd taken the other.

Usually the cause and effect of these decisions aren't so clear and closely spaced. But I need to make my decisions as if the payoff for the sacrifice is as tangible as if it was around the corner.

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