Friday, October 01, 2010

Looking ahead

Today was Closing Day for the United/Continental merger, so I believe my work there is done for now. It didn't turn into the crazy nightmare I thought it would be, spending endless days and hours in a windowless room downtown.

Actually, it was a very nice room with a beautiful view. And I wasn't even over there the whole time, doing some of the work from here.

Another key project, for Mars, looks to be winding down as well, with a few things left for October.

So the near future seems like it's going to be fairly normal, with just my regular client stuff. Though every time I think that, some huge time-suck comes in the door to upend my life.

I wouldn't mind some time to really work on the book. October is for getting feedback from editors and revising, continuing to explore publication/distribution options, developing curricula for workshops/presentations, and creating/pitching bylined articles. That's a full time job right there ...

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