Friday, October 15, 2010

Long, weird week

I feel like I've had a low-grade cold all week. Not much in the way of symptoms but deep fatigue, leading to prolonged laziness.

Also a weird and troubling wrist injury from something -- yoga or sleeping funny or who knows what. It got really bad yesterday but then today, which was a pretty busy day, it got better -- mainly, I believe, because I had less time to sit around thinking about it. A lot of ailments are like that. Ignore them (and maybe also don't do push-ups) and they'll eventually fade away.

I made zero progress on the book. I'm anxious to hear what the editors/evaluators have to say and think I need that outside motivation. Most of the motivation to this point has come internally, and it's not always easy to keep that fire going.

Two nice things I accomplished this week. I drafted some remarks for a client introducing Tony Blair at an event next month. They're pretty good. I haven't written a speech in a while -- I used to do it all the time -- and it was fun and satisfying.

And today we did a shoot for Mars and I worked as producer behind the camera and actor in front of it. It was nice to perform, as I had ZERO auditions the past two weeks.

So those two events bookended a pretty unproductive week of bits and pieces and nothing much else. Next week I've got lots of work, and lots to do on the book, so I think it'll be a good week.

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