Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lazy Daze

I haven't done anything really on the book in three days, which is the longest break, I think, since my vacation.

The book itself is done (for now) and is out to a couple of editors, whose feedback I should receive over the next week-to-ten days.

And last week I outlined about eight hours of workshops based on the content and developed the marketing language for them. This week is supposed to be for creating the actual material for the workshops -- PowerPoints, scripts, handouts, etc.

But Sunday I just relaxed and Monday had ER-related craziness and today, after a somewhat stressful day of work ... I'm just tired.

And I'm partly hung up on two things. First is the realization that if I'm exhorting an audience to express themselves visually and to show, not tell, and to be creative and innovative, then my presentations better look pretty damned sharp. I could get them professionally designed. Or I may create them in Apple's Keynote software, which is a lot prettier and less stale than PowerPoint.

The second issue is the not-so-small matter of intellectual property. It's one thing to yank random images from the web and show them to a client or a small group of people or even use them on a low-traffic blog (*cough*), it's another to appropriate and exploit these images as part of a product/service that I'm selling. And I'm planning to use mostly images, as opposed to words. Per my own Rx.

So I've got to figure that out. There are sites with free stock images, and I could, if I had to, actually, you know, PAY for some. But I'd like it all to be a little easier ...

Oy. Everything looks harder when you're tired. I'll get back on the horse tomorrow.

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