Monday, October 11, 2010

I hate the hospital

The Cosby Kids * were wrong. The hospital sucks.

I spent a few hours in the ER tonight -- not for myself, but because I'm a nice guy, I suppose.

Anyway, it was barbaric. And this was one of the best hospitals in the city -- and, by extension, one of the best in the country. An old man heaving his guts out, but not enough to be taken in any sooner. A woman having trouble breathing, with a possible broken rib. She got expedited. A young guy also got moved up in the queue when he had the forethought to suffer a seizure.

All to the tune of crying babies and the angry threats of a drunk in another room.

Most everyone who was there seemed to be in acute need, as opposed to the stories you hear of people using the ER for everyday ailments. And yet it took hours for people to get in.

I'm pretty certain if I ever get to the point where I'm facing serious mental or physical debilitation, I'll want out. It seems very logical to me now, but I see these people hunched over and attached to oxygen tanks. I suppose things happen gradually and you just learn to adapt and accommodate. Or the survival instinct kicks in and overwhelms everything else.

I hope I can be Spock-like in my logic before things come to that.

* I'm amazed that I recalled the tune and many of the words to this old Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids song. I was a total TV zombie when I was a kid. Maybe that's the reason I feel like I do -- I've already experienced my persistent vegetative state.

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