Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I do stupid things

Stupid, counter-intuitive things. Things that defy logic, yet I go with my instinct. Which would be admirable, except for the cases where my instinct is wrong. Things that are in hindsight obviously dumb.

Like when I'm driving somewhere I haven't been and I THINK the next turn is my turn but I pass it, thinking there's a chance it isn't. The directions are pretty clear, but I don't trust the paper in front of me for some reason.

Is it self-sabotage?

Anyway, today I had a commercial audition. Right there on the schedule it said I was auditioning for the part of the dad. The breakdown described the Dad, along with the other characters -- various teenagers.

But the note from my agent also said "**MALE ROLES: Please prepare to read for both X and X." Those Xs being the teenage characters.

We got tons of scripts, bunches of scenes. The Dad character was in one script. The teenage dudes were in multiple scripts, including one where they share a scene.

Looking back, it's clear I should have ignored the "MALE ROLES" instruction. And yet, I have been in auditions where, even though they're casting multiple roles, they have everyone read the same script with the same characters. Maybe it's easier, or maybe they don't have the other scripts fleshed out. Who knows?

So for some reason I prepped the teenage boys scene. I did print out the one Dad scene and read it over a little last night, but that was it. Then I got there today, asked a few questions and it was pretty clear that I'd done it again -- let some weird, twisted leap of logic outstrip my better judgment.

I had a few minutes to prepare the other script and I got in the room and did my best. I lost it on the first and third read, forgetting a line, and then I explained my stupidity. Which they actually thought was highly amusing.

And in spite of all that, it turned out to be a pretty great audition. For some reason, after I figured out my dilemma, I was really relaxed. I figured, there's only so much I can do here, so why stress out about it. So I went in and had fun, told some good stories, interacted well with the clients and managed to pull off some pretty good reads given the circumstances.

The lesson? Don't overthink stuff. And beware of information that gets passed along by interns via email and phone messages.

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