Sunday, October 03, 2010

Catching waves

Here's the secret to wave photography. I used to just whip the camera around to wherever a wave was crashing. But usually by the time you get there, the wave's half gone. So instead you have to sit there, pointed in one direction, and wait for it come to you.

(Same lesson applies to snorkeling, by the way. Instead of flapping and kicking around chasing after the fish, just float in one spot and they'll come to you.)

I spent a good half hour trying to capture the perfect wave today. And I still didn't come close. As soon as I would get on my bike to go, a monster would hit, sending spray 25 or 30 feet into the air.

Still, I got a couple of decent ones. I just wish I'd had an actual camera with me instead of the phone. In fact, the biggest draw to me for the iPhone 4 is that the camera is exponentially improved.

I like this one because it sort of mimics the cottony clouds.

And those are little sailboats in the background. I thought there was a small craft warning, but that must have expired overnight. You wouldn't get me out there on one of those things on a day like today.

I could seriously sit and watch the waves forever.

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