Monday, October 25, 2010

A walk in the park

After highly successful -- and FREE (thank you, Applecare, you put Obamacare to shame) -- surgery on my MacBook today I took a late afternoon idyll down to Lincoln Park and the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool.

I'd never visited it before and thought I ought to check it out while it's still warm and before the vegetation is all stripped off by tomorrow's predicted crazy-ass winds. (Which are likely overblown themselves.)

It was beautiful, actually. I'd passed by there numerous times, but never ventured in. It's a lot more than just a little pond. It's no Giverney, that's for sure ...

(That's from a 1998 trip to France. Seriously, Monet wasn't just old and losing his sight -- that lily pond in his backyard actually looked like those canvases.)

But it was still quite nice. With some nice landscaping and architectural touches in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. And it would have been wonderfully serene and peaceful, if not for the damned people. But I plan to go back there as the seasons change and see it transform.

They also redid the south pond below the zoo, with an interesting nature boardwalk and this semi-mysterious structure that apparently will be used for educational exhibits of some sort. Beautiful, twisting, fine-grained wood with resin bubble-shaped "windows."

I love stuff like this. I love this city.

Tomorrow = triple-time productivity.

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