Thursday, September 02, 2010

You don't hear that every day

Casting people are hard to impress. They're usually fairly encouraging, if only to keep things positive in the room. "Nice job," "Good work," etc. And some I know just compliment you out of habit.

Today I did this commercial audition that's supposed to be a sort of mock scenario, where we're talking about "the one." And I just took their suggested lines, changed it up a bit to make them my own, did my thing, and the casting person was saying things like, "Wow" and "Really fantastic" and stuff. She had to pause to figure out what I could do differently in the second take.

(As always with me, it was to go slower.)

It's obvious and cliche, but the more I do this and the more experts I listen to, the more I just try to do very, very little. Small. Simple. Like you're ordering a sandwich.

Which, oddly, is what I was doing earlier this week in another audition. And I think I was even more natural and casual in proclaiming my love for my fictitious soulmate than I was ordering a burrito.

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