Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tiny gig

Finished up a small, two-part booking today. Part 1 was a print shoot last week and today was voiceover. The pay was fairly low, as gigs go, but the time commitment was minimal -- two 1-hour sessions -- and I didn't have to audition. And it was right off the El in Evanston.

Still, I'd like to get back to booking some bigger jobs. I've had only seven on-camera auditions since vacation a month ago and none of them (so far) have resulted in anything other than a hold.

I haven't been too worried because between work-work and the book I've been pretty swamped anyway, and it's been a relief sometimes not to have interruptions to my day.

I keep waiting for my life to be taken over by the United thing, but it seems to continue to be a hurry-up-and-wait type deal. In the meantime, I'm in constant plate-clearing mode. 100 pages of a book to edit? Do it in two days. Six websites to write? Do them in one week. Clients are going to start to get ridiculously high expectations for turnaround times.

Speaking of which, I now have to get on a conference call with someone in China. I don't even know if my phone(s) -- either of them -- will call China.

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