Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's ironic that when I'm on a roll and really busy and flush with client work I seem less likely to give -- of myself and money and all that -- while a few months ago when things were in a bit of funk I felt more generous even as I felt like I had less.

But there are lots of ways to help. I've mentioned before that networking workshop I went to where one guy said he approaches networking as an opportunity to help others. He'll just try to help as many people as he can, and if something comes back to him, great. But he doesn't evaluate a contact's worth based on what they can do for him. Which is an excellent outlook.

So when a director/filmmaker I know was looking on Facebook for an upscale restaurant where he could film a pickup scene for his new movie, I thought, I can help. I've got a friend who's part owner of a nice place in the neighborhood. I hooked them up and it's going to work out.

And this is someone who's never gonna cast me in anything -- he's moved beyond my meager talents. But I'm thrilled not only to help him, but that I actually am in a position to help.

But now I feel obligated to go out there at 7 am Sunday just to make sure everything's all right. But that's okay. I'll do it. And I won't be looking over my shoulder for good fortune to smile on me.

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