Monday, September 27, 2010

Giving back

I was on a roll Saturday. First, I took what my caller ID indicated was a telemarketer call, but it was actually a marketing company doing research for ComEd on its advertising. Since I'm sorta in the business, I decided to politely answer her dozens of questions about ads I'd never seen or heard.

Then at the grocery store, I helped a little old lady find the Oregano, instead of running her down with my cart. And the food bank people were there, so I gave them some money.

Then I remembered about six months ago when I was a little low -- feeling and wallet-wise -- that I managed to come up with a little something to help others out. So now that a lot of good things have come to me, I thought I'd give back.

So I gave some to my old boss who's in a tough race for Senate in Ohio. And some to the Dems in general, though they really shouldn't be rewarded for retreating on the tax cuts and mismanaging DADT and so many other things. But this isn't the time to make a statement. And they're gonna be punished enough as it is.

And then I gave money for breasts. Always a good cause.

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