Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fatty-Fatty 2x4

I've been working out pretty much 7 days a week for months now. Many months. And yet, I'm heavier now (or, at least, thicker in the middle -- I don't have a scale) than I've been in years.

What the hell gives?

In 2000 I started up Body for Life and in 10 weeks lost 15 lbs. and two-and-a-half inches around my waist. I never got a super-hard body like the people in the possibly-fake testimonials, but I stayed it on it more or less for the better part of a decade.

Then a couple of years I began to get concerned about the lack of fruits and vegetables in the program, and I started adding those and various Superfoods into my routine of lean proteins and "good" carbs.

Then I got FAT.

So I decided to tally up my calories and realized again why Body for Life doesn't have all those foods in the program. Fruits and nuts are chock full of calories. I make this smoothie in the morning that totals almost 500 calories. FIVE HUNDRED!

I have a spinach salad with dinner and the tiny bit of walnuts I add to it total 270 calories. TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY!

If I cut out the smoothie and the walnuts I could lose a pound a week!

Nevertheless, something's fishy. Because my total calories for a day are only 2100. AND I am really, really active. Yes, I cheat some on weekends. And apparently beer has more calories than water.

But something is seriously up here and I've gotta figure out what or I'm gonna be looking like Santa by the holidays.

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sexywriter said...

You are overtraining, and you aren't taking in a sufficient calorie level to support the overtraining, so your body has gone into starvation mode to keep up and is hanging onto every fat cell it can. So you either need to work out LESS, or adjust your caloric intake UP a little. I know it sounds weird, but it's true. I've read the science behind this and it's well-documented that overtraining and undereating is counterproductive.