Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I've been taking this weekly Body Blast class for a while now. Last week, I missed it for the holiday so this week I really, really felt it. I am practically paralyzed from the butt down. And yoga tonight didn't fix it.

It's my own fault. The instructor lately has been calling me out, asking if I've been certified or something because my form is so excellent on the squats and lunges (we do about 50 of each).

I've gotten really good at it for two reasons: 1) I take instruction very well; 2) I've got a big ego and think way too much about others. That's a real problem.

One of my yoga instructors always says to only be concerned about what's going on on your own mat. That is, it's not a competition.

I can't help it in Body Blast, though. We face a giant wall of mirrors and you can't help checking out everyone else's form. And I get really annoyed at the slackers -- people half my age -- who just slightly bend their knees when I've got my quads parallel to the ground. Or dudes who use the "pink" bar, which is a third the weight of the one I use.

Anyway, now I'm paying for it. So who's laughing now?

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