Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bizzy bee

The United stuff seems to finally be cooking. The last half of this month could get a little crazy. I was there today, am going back tomorrow and things will just get more intense over the next two weeks.

I did some decent plate-clearing with some clients, but others are coming out of the woodwork with new projects. And one that had almost no action for four weeks, in spite of my repeated attempts to make people understand that foot-dragging was going to cause a major late September/early October collision, it's all going to pile up anyway. So 8 or 9 time-consuming activities that could have been spread out over a couple of months will mostly be compressed into a couple of weeks.

BUT, I still worked out tonight and I still found a couple of hours to work on the book. The big sacrifice? Instead of reading 50-60 stories about yesterday's primaries, I only got around to a dozen or so. I'm pretty sure I'm not missing much ...

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