Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apropos of yesterday

I love this post today from Seth Godin.

I guess it breaks the Internets to cut and paste the whole thing here, so I'll excerpt a bit of it:

If the kids in the back of the bus/audience/store don't get it (or don't get you) it's their loss. Focus on those that want to celebrate the work you do instead.
In other news, I got called at the very last minute -- just two hours notice -- to an audition today for a network TV show that's shooting in town. I worked hard, prepared, got off book, thought about my character, practiced, etc. But when I got in the room, I just wasn't able to give it my best.

It wasn't terrible, no, but I got the ol' "one-take-and-thank-you-goodbye." And waiting outside to audition were 20 others guys of varying degrees of brilliance.


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