Friday, August 20, 2010

Working Boy

It felt so odd today, pulling on my business casual clothes, getting on the train and heading to the office.

Yes, I do plenty of client meetings, but this felt different. This is the place I'll be going to and spending a lot of time over the next six weeks at least. Today was simple. Just a few hours, meeting the clients and attending a webex conference call. We're going to figure out a schedule of some sort next week.

It's a beautiful place to go, at least. I'm not sure what's confidential at this point (need to read that confidentiality agreement I signed), but this is the merger of two big companies, one headquartered here. The merger was announced a while back. This is the part where the two companies are made into one -- a long, long, complex process. With tons of stuff to communicate. Pretty interesting, actually.

The problem is this other little project. Well, not so little, but it's making itself especially big next week. I'm writing copy for this series of websites. It's about 15-20 pages per, and it's been stalled for a bit while the client made up their mind. And now we're going full steam ahead. I have 7 conference calls next week to hash out copy for each of the next 7 sites.

So I should be able to work these in, but getting the actual writing done is going to be a serious chore. Each site takes about 8 hours, and I certainly don't have an extra 56 hours to spare next week. I foresee a lot of long nights and weekends in my immediate future.

Luckily, I continue to make progress on the book and its marketing. I've emailed and Facebooked and LinkedIn the world. I filed a copy today with the copyright office -- not a necessary step at all, but an abundance of caution thing. Just want to have a record of it somewhere official. And today I revised the 23rd chapter. Just 3 to go, though they each need a good bit of attention.

Where was all this work in March or February? That's a good time to be extra busy -- not summer!

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