Sunday, August 08, 2010

Three more down - 16/25

A Saturday Cubs games kind of interrupted my flow, but I went into social hermit mode this afternoon and, together with some work on Friday, have managed to revise three more chapters. That gets us to 16. Just 9 to go.

I think at some point my count got a little off. I see now that before I went on vacation I was saying I had 13 chapters edited. I've done 4 since I've been back, which should get me to 17. What I did was, on my spreadsheet I had checkmarks by each chapter that's been revised. Additionally, I had the titles highlighted in yellow.

But one of the checked chapters didn't get a highlight because it didn't quite pass my smell test. That is, before figuring out which chapters to send to my first set of readers, I gave them all another look, and one of them I didn't feel was good enough to share. So that one got a second, harder look.

All four of these chapters have required a little more extensive editing than expected. Some were done very early in the process. Some I thought were a little too light in terms of substance. One had "show-biz" intro that seemed a little too contrived and another was missing that part altogether.

So I'm feeling much, much better about the content. I've definitely got 16 very solid chapters. Of the remaining 9, half are in pretty good shape, and I feel confident, based on how things have gone so far, that I can get the others whipped into fairly good shape.

And it only cost me most of my Sunday. And a chunk of my Friday.

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