Friday, August 06, 2010

Taking a Stand. And Falling

I always think I'm the last actor they're gonna call in for "average" dad, though if they shave my face, take away my glasses and dye my hair, I suppose anything's possible.

So this callback audition I went to (after missing the first round while in Alaska) apparently went well. It was just a single line and it had to be super natural and simple and I think I've gotten pretty good at just going in there and delivering the line like I'm talking to a friend and not ACTING.

They put me on hold and I was good with that but not exactly doing cartwheels. It was pretty low pay. And the days they were shooting included Sunday and all I could think of was the union job where I got double (or was it triple?) time for that. And then my agent noticed something a little funny about the terms for one aspect of the usage.

So we had a talk about it and decided to take a stand and ask for more. She let me know there was a good chance they'd release based on that, but I was glad she seemed to be leaning that way. She really felt like I've reached a level where I have a certain worth. I'm not some chump beginner.

And so they released me this afternoon. That's $1,200 or so dollars I won't get back. But you can't put a price on dignity, right?

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