Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And away we go!

The marketing of the book is officially underway.

I put up a fan page on Facebook, which I plan to use not to overtly promote the book, but to provide a platform for dialogue on issues of communication and language and other themes from the book. So I'll be trickling out various wisdom nuggets (today I went through the chapters and harvested seven pages' worth of material) and commenting on things in the news and reposting and linking to relevant content.

Tomorrow I do an email blast to clients, colleagues, old friends and others who aren't on Facebook. Then I'll also notify people in various professional groups and message boards I belong to.

Finally, I published the new blog. I will probably start posting all book-related stuff over there instead of here.

And I put together some marketing language:
What can business people learn from actors and playwrights and screenwriters?

* How to express ideas more visually and with greater impact.

* Harnessing the power of emotion to break through to audiences.

* Using stories to convey meaning.

This forthcoming book, HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATION, takes the best lessons from the world of theater, TV and film and applies them to business.

For writing that really performs, learn to communicate like an actor.
Finally, I edited two more chapters today. That's 22 of 26. Just the hard ones left.

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