Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My worst nightmare

No offense to the producers or actors(?) here, but I think the worst thing that could happen in my career AND personal life combined, would be appearing on national television dancing like a fool in a spot like this.

This thing is on ALL the time, and I always think, "There but the grace of god ..."

I occasionally get called into auditions where I have to dance. I hate it. And I often think of "throwing" it. But I'm not sure exactly how that would be done. The point is to dance as stupidly as possible. So what's the opposite of that? Dancing really well? Which, in the context of an audition room, either with or without music, is pretty much impossible.

I guess the worst thing you could do is just barely move. But I'm not comfortable being that bad.

God I hope I DON'T get it. I hope I don't get it!

PS: I did not call these poor folks crackheads -- that's just some YouTube person.

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