Monday, August 16, 2010

It couldn't have been the Q

Think it's time to get this fixed. I popped the E key off the day I left for vacation and it's been a little difficult, to say the least.

UPDATE: All fixed!

And it only took three tries at the genius bar.

I initially lost the E key in an overly-vigorous cleaning session on the way out the door to vacation. Popped right off, couldn't get it back on and worked for 10 days with a little plastic nub where the E key should be.

Took it in and the first genius tried and failed to repair it and said the whole keyboard had to be replaced. At my expense -- cleaning accidents not being covered. So we scheduled an appointment for me to drop it off later that week.

And when I got to the appointment, the second crafty genius started fishing through drawers of spare parts and eventually jammed the E key back on there. It was crooked and unsightly and a little ungainly, but functional.

Two days later, it popped back off. Another week or so typing on the little nub, often having to hit it several times, as it's a small, spongy target.

Then today the nub came off. And without it required 2, 3, sometimes 5 hits to get the E to work. So once again I backed up my vital files, both online and to a stick drive and prepared to be computerless for a couple of days and agonized over having to try and get client work and book work and other stuff done at the corner Internet cafe.

And I took it in and the third genius? She also fished through some spare parts, showed me what the others had done wrong and popped that key right back on there.

And now I sit here and methodically unspool all my various contingency plans and prepare for a normal day like any other tomorrow.

"Thank you, genius lady," he types (gently).

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