Thursday, August 12, 2010

Houston, We Have a Name

I think I've got it. The name of the book will be:

Lessons for Business Communicators from Theater, TV and Film

Though I've got a backup:

Business Writing that Really Performs

The second one's catchier, but less inclusive/accurate. The first one is supposed to be a double-entendre on "performance," but doesn't really come through without the subhead. And even then, not much.

Maybe I'll put it up for a vote. I've actually reserved some Facebook pages under various names and created a blog as well. The blog is right now just all the book-related posts I've done here. When and if I decide to publish it (the blog), I might delete the book posts from this one and do all future book-related posting over there.

Maybe. It's all kind of fluid for now.

Got some good feedback from my fourth reader and sent chapters out to two more, including one of my old Second City instructors/directors, to make sure I've got some of that stuff right.

Tried to work on some of the remaining chapters and didn't make a lot of progress. My intent all along was to have a mix of longer, more comprehensive chapters and shorter, more focused ones. But each time I get to one of the shorter ones I find myself looking to expand it. I might be editing just for the sake of editing.

I don't think I'll know for sure how it all hangs together until I get everything printed out and laid out on the floor so I can see what goes where and how it should all flow.

Oh, and I put a plan together -- nothing elaborate, just three pages for now. Just to get some of these details and ideas out of my head so I can use it for other things.

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