Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hold My Life

I started this week with a potential 87 hours of work to do. Not including the book and life stuff and other things.

Luckily, the big looming corporate on-site project has been delayed a little as they get their ducks in a row. I just went in for a couple of hours today and will be back tomorrow afternoon. But in anticipation of it, I've been cranking away to get this other huge project off my plate.

It's a ridiculous project. Not terribly challenging intellectually, but exhausting mentally. It's the one doing web copy for this giant property management firm that owns apartment complexes all over the country. Doing one or two properties is kinda hard and doesn't pay a lot. But they've got 17 total on the agenda -- 7 of them this week. Together it's very good money. But, again, exhausting.

These past three days it's been this: up around 5:30, breakfast, work until lunch, work until dinner, work some more until Daily Show, work another hour or two before bed. Repeat.

Everything else has been back-burnered. Apartment's a mess, errands are undone, workouts un-worked (okay, I've done two this week so far), social life abandoned, book neglected (though I was ahead of schedule on that), 50+ political stories and blog posts a day unread, message boards un- messaged, etc.

It's killing me, but it's worth it. In the next six weeks I stand to make a third of a year's normal income. Or more.

Amazingly, I'm not delirious yet. Which kinda makes me feel guilty for my plan to knock off and go to bed at 11 tonight ...

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