Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chug, chug

Took a step or two forward, and then one back.

Or maybe it's not back. On Saturday I thought of a new chapter on a ridiculously obvious topic I can't believe I overlooked: LISTENING. Which just happens to be the #1 rule for communications, acting, and pretty much all life in general. Duh.

So I managed to put together a respectable 1200 words on it today and have a decent first draft done. But that interfered with my revising of the other chapters. Only got one done, but the good news is, it's better now than it was yesterday.

Now I'm at 19 out of 26. I should be prepared for other chapter ideas to crop up. And for my taste for existing chapters to turn. This is not my strong suit. I may take a while sometimes to make decisions, but once I do, it's kinda full-steam-ahead, with blinders on to boot.

I believe they call it "a bias for action." And I much prefer it over thumb-twiddling. But I need to step back and really make sure I've covered what I want to cover.

Though on the other, other hand, I know that you can go on revising and picking apart something forever. I could probably do 10 drafts of every chapter, but I'm committed to limiting it to three.

I looked over what's left and think I've got two or three chapters that only need light editing. Meaning the last three or four are gonna need some work. Or some excising. There's always that ...

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