Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Catching up

Before going on vacation, I did the right thing with my agents -- "booking out" for the time I'd be away. It didn't seem to make a difference. I got called/e-mailed for three auditions last week. It was kinda funny to say, "No, I can't be at the casting agency in the morning -- I'm in Alaska."

So I missed out on the callback, which is fine -- it didn't pay that great and I'd much rather have a trip to Alaska. One of the two others they called me in today for the callbacks. In fact, it seemed every guy there was attending the audition for the first time, so I guess they're having trouble finding what they're looking for.

Real trouble, because they checked my availability, and also asked if I could shave and dye my hair.

I've been a little bit slammed with work since I came back. There was this small project -- writing for a website. Very, very basic. I won't say beneath me, but not a super-big challenge and very different from the stuff I normally do. Well, it turns out they liked it and now we're trying to crank out 13 others.

NOW we're talking about some pretty good money. Volume, volume, volume.

Anyway, I got the second one done pretty fast because I'm worried about getting inundated. And I suggested I could get them all done in August, which will be tough since each is taking 8-10 hours. That wouldn't leave me much leftover time for other work, not to mention acting stuff and the book. (On the bright side, there's probably no way they're going to be able to get me all the info I need and adhere to this aggressive schedule anyway.)

Speaking of the book, I did some work on the plane on the way out. Good work, actually. There was a chapter that's been bothering me because it seemed pretty insubstantial, and I got the idea to combine it with a piece of one of the longer chapters and I'm really liking that direction. I also got positive feedback from two of my four readers.

But I need to jump back into the editing, which I hope to do tomorrow and the rest of the week. It's not like I'm sitting around -- I chose not to go out last night and worked until 9 pm. But need to stay on the horse ...

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