Sunday, August 29, 2010


I think I've always been a little bit absent-minded. I get preoccupied with something and sort of forget what's in front of me -- the Starbucks kid saying, "Can I help you?" I'm terrible with proper names -- "I was with whatshisname at that place with the thingy." Etc.

Tonight, after working two hours outside in the heat on the last (which now will actually be the first) chapter of the book, I stopped at the ATM. I swiped my card and the screen came up and it was different -- just two options and a weird cursor arrow on the screen, which I don't think I've seen. And I didn't know what to do. I couldn't figure out what button on the panel to hit to make the cursor move to the option I wanted.

So I canceled and started up again with the ATM next to it. This one had the full slate of usual options. And again, I was confused. How do I make that cursor move? There's no track pad. Obviously, no mouse.

Then I realized. Touchscreen.


I remember reading a review of the iPad, where the guy said after using it a while you'll forget all computers don't operate by touchscreen and you'll be tapping away futilely at a laptop screen. This was, I guess, the opposite of that.

I guess. It was a long day. It was hot, I was tired. I'm pretty immersed in the book.

I am a little terrified.

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