Wednesday, August 11, 2010

17, 18

Two more chapters revised today, making four for the week. And it's only Tuesday. (Oops -- had to edit. Turns out it's Wednesday. Okay, fine.)

On some of these I'm doing some serious overhauling. I know that's a trap that you can fall into -- endless edits. There are any number of ways to write anything, and they often all can be justified.

But I think I'm actually making them better, and not just spinning my wheels. Especially, again, some of the earlier chapters.

One of the ones I worked on today was the chapter on disciplined writing, where I talk about the Second City sketch process. I looked for and found this great old Steve Carrell sketch online.

I have no idea whether I'll be able to have hyperlinks in the electronic version of this, but I've been using them anyway for now.

And I'm at 23,500+ words. I imagine with the way my additions are going I should be able to break 25,000 which, depending on a ton of factors, would be around 100 pages.

Finally, I think I had a little breakthrough on the title. Could be very good. And I got the idea from an old contact who's got a really good thing going. His book (which was published by Wiley, a name that comes up over and over), has a really powerful title.

All right. Exhausted now.

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