Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zippity do-dah

I've ben thinking for a couple of years about joining zipcar. But when I looked to the usual scenarios of my car usage needs, it never added up economically. Like a trip to Milwaukee? The mileage limit would blow the budget. An all-day trip? Same thing. Better off going to a regular car rental agency.

But I learned from one of the other actors yesterday that they now have an affordable full-day option and they've extended the miles. So I did some more looking and realized that, while it likely won't meet my every vehicle need, it will be a good option to have for when it does.

Like on a Sunday when the agencies are closed. If I had a Sunday job (like I might this Sunday), I'd have to pick up a car Saturday morning and return it Monday morning -- double the cost of a single day.

Plus it's right around the corner. No more schlepping (okay a little over a half-mile) to the car rental counter. And no more freakin' Enterprise. They have this neat trick where they give you the car with a half a tank or a third or three quarters -- never full. So you have to calculate the car's mpg in order to figure out how much gas to put in when you're done. No doubt this routinely works in their favor.

Plus no more worrying about insurance or gas -- all that's included in the price. Or where to park the car if I need it overnight.

So it's done. If I only use it a handful of times in the next year, it will have been well worth the $75 to sign up. And who knows? Maybe it'll change my habits. Like if it's really hot or cold or rainy, maybe I'd use it to drive to an audition. Or maybe I'll start driving out to Wal-mart and buying diet coke in bulk.

I'll turn into one of those people.

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