Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Work, work, repeat

Work a little, commercial audition, work some more, conference call, edit client's book, a little more work, 40-minute power ride on the bike, tie up the day's loose ends, yoga, then off to Argo to work on my own book. Then home for dinner, blog and, I'm hoping, time to finally catch last week's episode of Friday Night Lights, then maybe read a book chapter, then to bed.

Progress, though. I worked some more on Chapter 23. Still not quite happy with it. And I edited two older chapters and feel pretty good about them. Part of what I'm trying to achieve in this second round is to make sure there's a consistent tone to it. And that the tone isn't all that serious. (As I say in the chapter on humor, take your work seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously.)

Tonight I sent out a couple of passages to an expert to get his input and check my facts. Eventually I want to get a set of readers to look at 2-3 chapters each -- people with specific expertise (theater, comedy, film, PR, marketing, etc.). But only after I'm not embarrassed to send them out.

And I've been doing research on the side as well. So far I haven't seen any business communications/writing books this this particular angle (lessons from show biz). There are a couple that use acting techniques to help people with their presentation style, which makes sense, but none taking this broad view.

Most of the books are A-to-Z how-to guides or they home in on specific types of writing -- speeches or business letters or email. Again, mine's a little different, for better or for worse. Different/niche-filling or different/unmarketable?

And they come in all shapes and sizes -- short handbooks to comprehensive manuals. Most of the old rules are really out the window.

What's really interesting is that a specific academic/business publisher that a couple of people have recommended has several titles in this area. Once again, for better or worse. Right up their alley or been there, done that?

Still not sure I want to publish. In the year-and-a-half that would take I'd probably be sick of the whole topic by then. And I've actually seen a number of instances where people self-publish and then are picked up by publishers. It really is a whole new world.

But for now it's head down and write, write, write, edit, edit, edit. Two more chapters to write and six more to edit before Alaska.

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