Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Way down ...

This started out as a pretty good year. In January, I had 7 auditions and 3 bookings.

Then it tailed off considerably. Just 32 commercial auditions (using commercial broadly, to mean "paid" work -- I also auditioned for 2 films). Which is considerably off pace.

Last year at this time, I had 58 auditions, and went on to have over 100 auditions for the year for the second consecutive year, not to mention my best year ever, earnings-wise.

I will say I think the quality is up a bit. In the first half of last year I had a lot of little teeny auditions -- random voiceovers, etc. But still, this is a pretty major downturn. I seriously believe I had some kind of latent recession of my own, both in business and in acting in the early part of the year, after a couple of not-so-bad years in which everyone else seemed to be suffering.

Things are back on track business-wise. And the acting seemed to pick back up in June (in fact, June and January combined were responsible for nearly half the last six months' auditions). And in other good news, I've been so busy with the book project and work-work that it hasn't bothered me that much.

But for the record, here is the breakdown of the 32 auditions:
  • 19 commercial
  • 3 commercial callbacks
  • 6 industrial
  • 4 print
Interestingly, total bookings are the same as last year -- 5 (1 commercial, 3 industrial, 1 print).

But enough about the past ...

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