Saturday, July 10, 2010


Even with a bunch of work stuff and a short week I managed to get some work done on the book. In several different sittings over the course of the week I edited five chapters. And I'm feeling much better about things -- from both a timing and a content standpoint.

The timing still looks like mid-August. If I can get half the chapters edited before my vacation AND maybe write three additional chapters, I'd feel good going away. Three more chapters would make 25, which is a nice round number. Or I might just toss a few and make it 20. We'll see.

Overall, though, the content seems to be holding up, with some adjustments. This hook I settled on -- relating acting/film/TV/etc. to business communications works pretty well for most of the chapters. The key is, I want whatever "show business" anecdote that I start the chapter with to provide some real insight on its own, rather than just being an expedient and hollow gimmick. Accordingly, I totally changed the intro to one of the chapters.

And I even had a little time to write a new chapter -- #23. Not sure about this one. I feel like I've got some things to say about Messaging, but then I second-guess myself and think, "Is it enough just to have 'something to say?' " Shouldn't I be covering the landscape? Providing a how-to/primer? And if not, what's the point? So we'll see about this one. I'll definitely take another look at it:
  • Staying on Message -- In acting we talk about "continuity of intent" and the importance of not "dropping your gig." That is, staying focused and disciplined and in character. Messaging takes that same kind of discipline. No matter the distraction, no matter all the other wonderful things you could be talking about, the only way to really break through is with focused, persistent messaging. Some people feel like a message set is a straightjacket. To me, it's liberating. It focuses your priorities and provides a natural structure for all your communications.
Crossed 18,000 words. Looks like this will be about a 20,000-word book. A mini-book.

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