Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Okay, Now I'm Really Done

I pronounced the first draft of the book "done" at the end of June. I had 22 chapters and about 16,500 words.

In the last 3 weeks I've been working to get that last bit finished, and I finally have, just today. I finished Chapter 25. This bad boy now weighs in at a little over 21,000 words. It's interesting that these last few chapters were longer than the average. The entire book would be 37,000+ words at this rate.

Which makes me wonder if I have more to say as I go along. Maybe as I go back and edit some of the early chapters I'll be doing some new writing in addition to the revising.

We'll see. At this point I've edited 9 chapters. I'd still like to get another 4 under my belt by the end of the week, which may still be doable. Guess it depends on what shape I find these in. Some have required very little editing and others have kind of stumped me.

Also today I put together a formal Table of Contents and a preliminary order for the chapters, as well as a 3-paragraph synopsis. I needed these for when I circulate selected chapters to people, which I might start doing as early as this week. I thought I'd start with friends before sending stuff to high-up industry types who are more contacts than friends.

Luckily these friends of mine also happen to be fairly high-up industry types themselves, so it will be good to get their (hopefully not too heavily varnished) feedback. I was thinking 3 chapters per person, and I was only going to send the ones I've revised. Again, we'll see. I'm mightily relieved just to be where I am.

Especially with this final chapter, which I just pulled out of thin air yesterday and managed in 4 or so hours to bang out almost 1500 words on. It's a lot more substantive that I expected. Or maybe I'm just getting more chatty.

So without further ado, Chapter 25:
  • Language Matters -- Observations on making your writing sing, including, Be Honest, Be Precise (Except When it's Necessary to be Vague), Avoid the Negative, Use Power Words, Be Poetic, and Recognize Your 'Crutch' or 'Go-To' Words.
Enormously satisfied.

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