Monday, July 19, 2010

Not quite a lazy Sunday

I didn't get the replacement Sunday I was hoping for. No breakfast outside, no pizza for dinner, no reading in the sun. And I had a conference call and some follow-up and did a little work.

On the other hand, I made time for me. Lots of little tasks on the long pre-vacation to-do list. And I had some quality time during the day and at Argo this evening to work on the book. Much progress, on things both planned and un-planned for this week.

I went through my dog-eared, highlighted copy of Story, the renowned screenwriting bible. I can't believe I hadn't done this before. But just as digging through my 0ld Second City class notebooks gave me a few nuggets of usable, quotable stuff, I found a few good things in there. Better than that, though, was that I didn't come across any major gaps in my existing content. Maybe some time away will cause things to occur to me, but for right now, it's looking pretty good.

I also came up with an idea for Chapter 25. I sort of took a couple of small, underdeveloped ideas from my list of random concepts without a home and combined them with a few little things from Story to come up with what seems like it could be a full chapter of useful stuff. This one will be on language.

I researched options for self-publishing. There's so much out there, and it's changing so fast. There's a site where I can just upload a bunch of blog posts and they'll print it in a book. That's a little too basic. There's one where you do a 300-word proposal and the site's readers vote on the ones that should go up on the site. But it just resides there.

There's another crowdsourcing-type one, where people can comment, annotate -- sort of virtually scribble in your electronic margins -- and you can even assign the most helpful contributors a portion of your royalties. Amazon has one where you can pay hundreds to several thousands of dollars for everything from design and layout to editing and proofreading. It can then be sold on Amazon and put in Kindle format. And even printed in hard copy, which I'm not sure I want.

I also don't even know whether I want to sell it. A lot of people recommend giving away this kind of content. Using it as a business builder -- a client goodwill thing. I'd rather have more people read it -- make that, more clients and potential clients read it -- than earn the few dollars that royalties can bring. Or I'd at least like the ability to "give out" comps.

The truth is, I don't need any service for this. I can have someone do a nice design template, load it in there, post it on my website and/or its own dedicated site and even put it in a format for reading on the Kindle.

More study on all of that. There's new info every day.

And finally, looking toward the marketing of the thing, I created a new blog that I may or may not use. I exported the book-tagged posts and will cross-post future ones. The idea is I would put up a sample chapter so that I have something I can pre-announce to people. I've already mentioned it on Facebook, and I did a little thing on LinkedIn, which nobody really pays attention to.

But this would be an email blast with an announcement that the book is coming and previewing a finished chapter. (Along with FB and LinkedIn posts as well.) That should cover all the business contacts and others that I'm not linked to via social media. I may do it this week.

So that's a damned fine day. A little more writing, a little more editing, a bit of marketing, and I should be able to go away with a clear conscience.

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