Friday, July 09, 2010

It's About Time

Finally got a booking -- the first in several months.

And this one happens to be a SAG job. (I was doing that thing again -- not talking or thinking about or counting on it -- which seems to have worked this time.)

It's not a national spot, unfortunately. It's for a local hospital, so assume it will just be Chicago area. But then, Harris was also local only, and it paid a fairly pretty penny.

Oh, and I'm also fat. Just ridiculously bloated. When I went back to DC, my Dad's wife said that I looked good now -- I was "too thin" over the holidays. Yup, even though I upped my workouts to 7 days a week, I've managed to put an extra couple of inches of girth around my waist.

This came up because the agency was confirming my measurements. And I recall a gig a while back where I gave my waist size as 31", since that's the size jeans I buy. But then I realized jeans fit much lower than regular ol' pants. So I was bustin' out of the wardrobe they supplied. This time I made sure to tell them 32", but even some of my 32s are feeling a little snugola lately. So I took a tape measure to the fattest part of me and it said ... 34"!

Are you kidding me? Oh well, we'll see what happens at the wardrobe fitting. If they've got me in Fred Mertz pants, we're all in trouble.

Anyway, enough about my obesity. Just glad to have the gig. As Evan Dando says, it truly is about time.

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