Thursday, July 22, 2010

Goal met!

Had a very productive couple of days in the home stretch before vacationland.

After knocking out Chapter 25, I edited/revised 4 other ones, meeting my goal for this point to have all chapters written and half of them edited. More than half, I guess, since I'm up to 13.

I'm feeling really good about the content. Very, very good about half the content. I'll get the rest in shape. I find as I'm editing I'm adding a lot of words. I'm now up to 21,966, so chances are I'll get up to around 25,000 when all is edited and done.

In fact, I feel good enough that I started circulating chapters to people. I sent batches of 4 chapters apiece to 3 friends, with another one pending. They're all PR/marketing types, so it's more than just about positive reinforcement. I'm hoping they'll be able to confirm for me that I'm on the right track and have got something here, and also tell me where I'm off-course.

Next steps, after vacation:
  • Revise the other 12 chapters.
  • Gather and incorporate reader feedback.
  • Enlist a second round of readers -- more PR types, plus some from acting to help ensure some of my analogies/analysis around film and theater and comedy and Second City are accurate.
  • Gather and incorporate their feedback.
  • Decide on a final order for the chapters.
  • Print it all out and do one more scouring of the copy.
That's the content side. I've also got a number of things to do in marketing and figuring out the production. Stuff that will start right after the vacay. (Okay, I'm actually taking the laptop with me, so I might do some work on the planes.)

In any case, I think I can head out feeling pretty good about things. That was a very productive 3 months (minus 1 week).

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