Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Doctor is In. WAY in.

So those are my partners in fake medicine. After Wednesday's wash-out, these goobers gathered together on the set and read my blog and proceeded to make fun of me.

Yes, yes, poor me. Getting paids hundreds of extra dollars, and not being able to relax on Sunday, and being prevented from planning for my amazing Alaska vacation.

I do whine a lot. Well, I whine sometimes. I don't know how often is a lot. I do strongly dislike when things go awry, but on the way back from today's make-up shoot it occurred to me that "things going awry" is pretty much the normal state of the world, and there's not much avoiding that.

Maybe that perspective will be helpful in the future.

Anyway, we got in bright and early ... well, not so bright, but damned early -- 7 am -- for a Sunday. And our shoot was one of the first, so we actually worked solidly for several hours straight. Then sat for the next 5 hours until our full 8 hours was spent.

What I didn't realize, though, amidst all my whining, is that you get paid double on Sundays. Boo-yah! All better.

Well, mostly better. I think I'm going to make Monday my Sunday. Now off to another streetfest before I pass out from being up at 4:30.

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