Thursday, June 10, 2010


I did a little over-celebrating last night. So it's been a long, tired day.

I did some work and some Pilates and prepared for an even longer day tomorrow, traveling out to a client's factory a couple of hours outside of town.

The last thing I wanted to do was write. I looked over my list of unwritten topics and was thoroughly uninspired. I finally just started noodling with one of them and then I got a great idea to kick the whole thing off and link it to my whole Stage to Page theme.

And so I wrote, a tiny little chunk at at time. It seriously took me three-plus hours to get 500 words out. But they're pretty good words, and I'm pretty pleased with them. It's not finished, but it's well on the way and if I get a little more time in the next two days I can knock it out and meet my two-chapter goal for the week.

But I'm done for now, because I have to leave at 6 am ...

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