Friday, June 04, 2010

Quick Shoot

Feeling totally discombobulated because a film shoot that was supposed to just take a couple of hours pretty much wiped out most of the working (and working out) day. First it was pushed back from 9 to 11, then even 11 was way too early, as the crew was just setting up.

So with commute time about 6.5 hours for maybe 90 minutes worth of actual work?

Still glad I did it. It was a fun little project that fell in my lap. A low-budget feature being shot by some nice people who seem to know what they're doing. And it seems funny -- at least the scene I did was funny.

My role is tiny, but I'm in the very first scene. And it fit me pretty well. They were looking for a snobby kind of sarcastic guy, so perfect.

Would have liked to have had a little more me-time today. And work-time. Oh, well. Time to get this makeup off and head out to see some Hawkey action.

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