Friday, June 25, 2010

From out of the woodwork

Seriously, I'm expecting clients that no longer exist -- like Andersen -- to come along with new projects for me. It's just not stopping.

A very small, small project that's been nipping at my heels and never quite getting off the ground. Then a company I've been talking with several years about working together has come up with two possible projects today. One of them a writing project that required an estimate TODAY.

Then a much bigger thing that would stretch toward Labor Day that I just don't know about. It would require a commitment to a regular schedule twice a week. And being expected to be somewhere else on a regular basis. Which poses a problem for auditions and bookings.

I barely had time to take care of my many, many personal chores and errands this week. That's how bad it is.

And I haven't gotten to my second chapter of the week of the book. Tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow. I feel like I should be enjoying that process more, doing it at a more leisurely pace (not that two or three chapters a week is exactly blistering, but with other priorities like work, etc.), really savoring it. I do enjoy the actual writing as I'm doing it. But I know if I stretched it out another month it would just keep stretching itself out.

Oh, well. Three more chapters then I'll take a little break from the writing and focus on the logistics -- publishing, competitive research, etc.

But now it's Miller time. Okay, it's actually laundry folding time. But THEN it's Miller time ...

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