Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Started early this week so I wouldn't get too behind. Took me several hours over a couple of days to get this one done, but I'm pretty pleased with it. The subject matter dovetails nicely with the book I'm editing:

  • Tell a Story -- Everyone from Steven Spielberg to the the guy painting on the cave walls 30,000 years ago understands the power of story to connect, communicate and persuade. But lots of business people still don't get it. I was at a gum factory recently doing a video on quality. I asked a line worker if her kids thought her job was cool. She showed me the numerical code on the back of a pack of bubble gum she'd just made. "It tells you where the product was made, down to the specific production line. My kids can even read it. In the store, they go straight for the candy aisle, check out the labels and say, 'This is mommy's gum!' " This woman works hard on quality because her customers are not just like family, they are family. Anecdotes and examples always go farther than facts. Testimonials from customers, employees and others stand out from statistics. Everyone has a story. We just need to help them tell it.
That's 13,729 words so far. Over 40. 5 hours. I think I've got three or four solid chapters to go. (And I haven't even started poaching ideas from other writers yet -- not methodically, at least.)

So by end of next week or early the next I should have a pretty decent first draft under my belt, then we'll see what else I might need to come up with after I've looked around a bit. Then some editing. So I'm pretty much on track with my original goal to have this (mostly) drafted by end of June.

Unless I add a lot of new chapters, I'll give myself July to edit, clean-up, order and make consistent.

I saw a reference today to an "airplane read," which is interesting. This might be that. Which is a considerable step above a bathroom read.

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