Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Digging for gold

I took a brief pause in the writing this afternoon to go back and do something I've been meaning to do at some point in the process -- go through the three notebooks' worth of stuff from my various Second City classes to see if I'd missed anything.

It was good I did, for a couple of reasons. First, I didn't find that much, which means the approach I've taken so far seems to be working. (Not sure how to label that approach. Organic? Sort of opposite of methodical or research-based. More like, from my head.) So I didn't find any major gaps.

There are still some other "looking around" activities I want to do. Going through my books on screenwriting and auditioning for lessons and anecdotes and chapter ideas. And also, as I've said, looking at what else is out there, which I'm definitely saving for later.

I did get one decent new chapter idea. And a couple of fun nuggets I may be able to use here and there:
  • On structure: there are 13 notes in all of music -- it's how you arrange them. Structure should not be viewed as an obstacle.
  • Actors express themselves through action. That's why they're called actors, not talkers.
  • The human mind can process 800 words a minute, but we can speak only 300. So while you're talking, the audience is likely drifting.
Need to google that last one to verify it. But it would fit in well with the "Show, Don't Tell" discussion.

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