Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Number 14 done:
  • Meetings Drive Productivity -- SNL's Lorne Michaels has famously said that they don't go on the air because they're ready, they go on because it's 11:30. It's always been my experience that big periodic public meetings are a great way to drive productivity and accountability in an organization. Every report, publication and initiative gets pegged to the meeting for unveiling. And nobody wants the shame of dropping the ball in front of everyone.
This is another chapter geared more to corporate communications than writing. I haven't had a ton of time lately. Work is heating back up -- I've had to write a couple of video scripts this week and edit a chapter of that other book for my client -- but I still managed to get this chapter out and a few others touched up.

On Saturday I woke up very, very early with a list of things I need to investigate for publishing/printing this thing. Like scoping out the existing competition, looking at publishers and agents, etc.

One of my concerns is the length. About 10,000 words at this (unfinished) point. But it's kind of how I envision it. A brisk, blog-like read. But who knows? Looking at what else is out there may give me ideas for additional topics and chapters.

And I've really done no "reporting" for this book. It's all my own thoughts, anecdotes and examples. Maybe it would benefit from some research or interviews or other perspectives.

Anyway, first things first. A couple of more chapters to get under the belt. Then once I feel I've got a solid hold on my core content I can start looking around, studying, evaluating, adjusting. And maybe run it by some people.

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