Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Candyman can

Nice ensemble. The toe guards and beard net are my favorites.

I was at a factory yesterday where they make gum! It was fun. The whole place smelled like Juicy Fruit. Except for the hard candy area, which smelled like menthol.

I'm doing these videos (a business thing, on the other side of the camera) and I was able to put some of the principles I talk about in the book into practice. Not that I haven't before, but it's a good refresher.

I was interviewing employees and trying to get good quotes and messages out of them. How'd I do that? Figuring out what their stories were and appealing to emotions like pride and love of family. It was cool. This one woman's kids can go into the drug store, look at the numbered codes printed on the back of the packs and tell whether their mom made that gum or not. Not just the brand or the factory -- it tells you which specific line it came off of. Very cool.

I don't usually like being the one doing the actual interviewing. It takes a lot of focus and energy. You have to be upbeat and positive, coax their stories out of them, help them capture their thoughts, prod and cajole them, get them to repeat things and say them in different ways. All while making them feel comfortable and natural. It's exhausting.

Two complete days out of the office/home this week. I'm looking forward to being a shut-in next week.

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