Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm getting buried.

I started on this one project for a client -- scripting a video. Then it became two videos. Then it became scripting and producing them. And on top of that now I'm doing the related 75-slide PowerPoint presentation. (I really, really didn't want to do that, but then we doubled the fee for it and I was in.)

Also working on a proposal for another client for a new positioning and website overhaul.

AND Friday morning I kick off another project for another client -- a property management firm. Very different from my usual corporate, B2B to stuff. I'm writing copy for 20 or so web pages for one of their properties. It's not much money, but it could turn into a 16-property project, which would then be pretty good money.

Then, of course, auditions decide to kick in again. Audition today, tomorrow and the next day. Plus I got a call direct from a local producer who wants to do a commercial overnight, 10 pm to 6 am, tomorrow night. I turned that one down because the money was pretty low compared to the sacrifice of a night's sleep when I've got all this work I need to get done.

The only reprieve is I didn't get any new chapters to edit this week for the branding book my client is writing. But I've still got mine to do. I guess that's what tomorrow night is for.

Tomorrow I get to go downtown and interview consumers on camera about product quality and safety. How did I get to be producer? I really haven't had much experience producing! But I've seen a hundred people do it, and I did it the other day at the factory so ... spread the wings and all.

I guess the recession is over!

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