Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Auditioning it

Three auditions last week, two today. It's like I'm a real actor.

I had a SAG audition on Friday that I thought for sure I'd be called back for. They were short on scene partners, so I did my bit with five different people. You'd think that would up my odds, having all those opportunities to show them something.

I'm thinking I didn't do enough different things. The direction, as always, was to go really small, really subtle, really real. So a bunch of variety within that is a little harder to find. How ironic would it be if I didn't get the part specifically because I got to do it so many times? The more they saw, the less they liked?

Anyway, with work so crazy -- another project just came up -- and auditions popping up again, I'm in that mode where I feel like I have to be ahead in order to be caught up. I can't schedule out my week and say, "I'll write that on Thursday morning" and "I'll tackle that Wednesday afternoon," because suddenly I lose big chunks of days to auditions.

So very early mornings and some night work, too. Work, work, work. Really productive. Hoping for no more auditions before the weekend. That will give me just enough time to get my work and life in order.

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